6 Enemies of a Green, Healthy Lawn

6 Enemies of a Green, Healthy Lawn

People have different tastes in clothes, houses, and cars, but when it comes to lawns, everyone wants the same thing.  They want a green, healthy lawn that looks beautiful and well-maintained.  Since a great-looking lawn does not happen by itself, you will find homeowners working hard in their yards throughout the year.  Unfortunately, there are enemies of a healthy lawn that seem to always be at work to destroy your lawn, including the following.

Worms and Insects

Some of the most devastating enemies of a healthy lawn are worms and insects.  While nature is full of these little critters and many are beneficial for grasses and other plants, some can be damaging and even lethal to grass.  One common pest that can do significant harm to your lawn is the white grub.  If you see birds or small animals feeding in your yard, you probably have a problem with grubs.  Luckily, grubs are fairly easy to treat.  Usually a chemical called Imidacloprid will get rid of grubs and allow your lawn to return to health.


Another enemy of a respectable lawn is disease.  There are many fungi and bacteria that can find their way into your lawn and attack the grass growing there.  These disease-causing agents do not affect all grasses alike.  Each type of fungi and bacteria will attack certain types of grass.  They also only do damage under certain conditions.  This is why you may notice grass starting to die at the change of the season.   Changes in the moisture or the temperature of your lawn may cause these diseases to flare up.

Animals and Kids

More noticeable than small insects and microscopic pathogens, animals can also be enemies to your lawn.  Dogs in particular can tear up grass and make it hard for it to grow.  Once grass has been uprooted, it is difficult to promote its growth.  Overseeding may be necessary, but even this measure will be futile if the behavior continues.  Kids can also be hard on your grass, especially if they like to dig in a favorite spot, but they usually grow out of these damaging habits in a few years!

Lack of Sunlight

Plants need sunlight to grow so it is not surprising that grass will suffer when it doesn’t get adequate sunlight.  This often happens under large trees that block the necessary rays.  Grass that does not receive enough sunlight will become thin.  The lawn may even become completely bare under thick trees.  A good pruning of the trees above the bare spots will encourage grass proliferation.  It may also be helpful to apply more grass seed once the offending trees are cut back.

Compacted Soil

In addition to sunlight, plants also need nutrients from the soil.  Compacted soil is an enemy of a healthy lawn because it keeps grass from reaching vital nutrients.  Roots cannot develop normally in compacted soil.  Fortunately, aeration is an easy remedy for compacted soil.  In fact, aerating your lawn annually will help to keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

Misapplication of Fertilizer

Finally, did you know that you can be an enemy of your quest for a good-looking lawn?  Even while you are working diligently to promote healthy growth in your lawn, you might be doing more damage than good.  Fertilizer can be very beneficial to your lawn, but misapplication of fertilizer can be harmful.  Uneven application of fertilizer might leave your lawn looking striped instead of uniform. Overfertilizing will cause your grass to turn yellow or even die.

If you feel like you need a little help making your lawn live up to your dreams, Ping’s has the solution.  We have a lawn care program that will give your grass just what it needs when it needs it.  We can evaluate what enemies are attacking your lawn and how to tackle them.  Whether you need an ongoing lawn plan or a one-time targeted application or service, Ping’s has the expertise to get your lawn looking great.  Call us today at 317-298-8482 to get started!

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