6 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeding Your Lawn

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeding Your Lawn

Seeding is an essential step to creating, as well as maintaining, a healthy lawn.

It promotes a fuller and more complete lawn while discouraging the growth of weeds and other invasive plants in the process.

If you’re planning to seed your lawn, though, you should avoid making these six mistakes.

#1) Neglecting to Test pH Level

Prior to seeding your lawn, you should test the soil’s pH level to determine its level of acidity.

Even if the soil looks healthy, it may be too acidic or alkaline for grass to grow. For most varieties of grass, you’ll need a balanced pH level of about 5.5 to 7.

#2) Using Too Much Seed

Overseeding is an all-too-common problem that can wreak havoc on lawns.

As the seeds sprout into grass, they’ll compete for the limited amount of nutrients, sunlight and water.

Check the seed rate to determine exactly how much seed you should use on your lawn.

#3) Using the Wrong Type of Seed

Another common mistake to avoid when seeding your lawn is using the wrong type of seed.

There are hundreds of varieties of lawn grass, and some of the varieties prefer different climates in which to grow. In Texas, popular varieties include Kentucky Bluegrass, Bermuda, Fescue, St. Augustine, Centipede Grass and Carpet Grass.

You can use other types in your lawn, but you need to ensure they are compatible with your climate.

#4) Seeding During Fall or Winter

Although there are exceptions, you should typically avoid seeding your lawn during the fall or winter months.

What’s wrong with seeding your lawn during the fall or winter months? Well, grass – like most plants – enters a dormant state during this time of year.

#5) Not Aerating the Soil

Don’t forget to aerate the soil before seeding your lawn.

Aerating creates small holes in the soil in which the seeds will enter. If you don’t aerate your lawn, the seeds will simply sit on top of the soil.

Over time, the superficial seeds will get blown away or eaten by animals, meaning they won’t translate into healthy new grass for your lawn.

By aerating your lawn, on the other hand, the seeds will dig deeper into the soil where they are naturally protected from the wind and animals.

#6) Relying Strictly on Rain

You can’t always rely on rain to hydrate your grass seeds.

If there’s no rain in the forecast, you’ll need to set up a sprinkler. Without water, the seeds won’t sprout into grass. With that said, you shouldn’t use too much water.

Generally speaking, about 10 minutes of watering should suffice for most types of grass seed.

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