How to Prevent Grass Seed From Washing Away

How to Prevent Grass Seed From Washing Away

There’s no better way to fill bare patches in your lawn than by seeding it. Grass typically spreads on its own, but in some instances, it may require a little extra work.

If you have a bare patch in your lawn where little or no grass is growing, you should consider seeding it.

By applying the right variety of grass seed, you’ll create a more attractive and cohesive landscape.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for grass seed to wash away. It takes an average of five to 30 days for grass seed to germinate.

Until this happens, the seeds will remain on the surface of the grass, which could result in them washing away during rainstorms.

As a homeowner, though, you can prevent grass seed from washing away by following a few simple steps.

Seed During Spring or Early Summer

Wait until the spring or early summer months to seed your lawn.

If you seed your lawn during fall or winter, it will take longer for the seeds to germinate. As a result, the seeds may wash away when it rains.

Assuming you’re planting a warm-weather variety of grass, you should wait until spring or early summer to seed your lawn.

Aerate Before Seeding

You can also prevent grass seed from washing away by aerating your lawn beforehand. Aeration creates small holes in the soil that will hold the seeds.

You don’t need a commercial-grade aerator. Rather, a basic walk-behind spike aerator will suffice.

Just roll the spike aerator over the surface of your lawn where you intend to plant new grass.

Apply Straw Over the Grass Seed

The most effective way to prevent grass seed from washing away is to apply straw over it.

After aerating and seeding your lawn, sprinkle a light layer of straw over it. The presence of straw will naturally protect the seeds from washing away.

At the same time, it will also protect the underlying soil from erosion, which is a common problem faced by countless homeowners.

Reseed If Needed

There’s nothing wrong with seeding your lawn two or even three times.

If the first application of seed washes away, go back and reseed it. Even if you follow these tips, some seeds may wash away – but that’s okay.

As long as you reseed your lawn, some of the seeds will make their way into your soil where they germinate to create healthy green grass.

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