How to Prevent Tree Roots From Growing Above Ground

How to Prevent Tree Roots From Growing Above Ground

Whether it’s a hardwood or softwood, all trees have roots. Roots are designed to collect nutrients and water from the surrounding soil while also stabilizing trees.

As a result, most trees have a subterranean root system that grows underground. There are times, however, when a tree’s roots may grow above ground.

Why Roots Grow Above Ground

A tree’s roots can grow above ground for several reasons.

Uneven terrain with a steep incline, for instance, may result in above-ground roots. If a tree is located on a steep incline, its roots may grow outwards rather than downwards.

Older trees are also more likely to grow above-ground roots than younger counterparts. As a tree ages, its feeder roots will dig into the soil, potentially pushing up its other roots.

This typically isn’t a concern with young trees. Once a tree reaches maturity, though, its old roots must push up and through the soil.

Cover the Above-Ground Roots

If you discover a tree with above-ground roots in your landscape, you should consider covering them.

Exposed roots aren’t just an eyesore; they can prove hazardous. You or a family member, for example, could trip and fall while walking in your landscape, or you could accidentally strike the above-ground roots with your lawnmower.

Regardless, a simple and effective way to prevent roots from growing above ground is to cover them.

You can cover the above-ground roots with either soil or mulch.

Of those two options, mulch is recommended because of its high level of nutrients. Mulch contains a plethora of beneficial nutrients that trees need to grow.

Using mulch, you can cover the above-ground roots in your landscape while replenishing your trees with vital nutrients in the process.

Trim the Above-Ground Roots

Alternatively, you can trim the above-ground roots.

Some people assume that trimming a tree’s roots will kill it. Assuming you don’t overdo it, though, you can safely trim above-ground roots without fear of it killing or otherwise harming the tree.

When pruning above-ground roots, follow the rule of three.

What is the rule of three exactly? Basically, it states that a tree’s roots should consume at least three times the tree’s diameter.

If a tree’s diameter is 5 feet, you shouldn’t prune its above-ground roots more than 15 feet away.

For above-ground roots that extend farther than three times the tree’s diameter, you may want to simply cover them with soil or mulch.

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