The Risks Of DIY Tree Removals

The Risks Of DIY Tree Removals

Man Cutting Down a TreeWhy don’t people remove trees on their own? Most people don’t want to die! Seriously, one wrong move and a tree could kill someone, including the amateur trying to cut it down. Even with good intentions, tree removal shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs. It’s truly a job best left to professionals who remove trees for a living–  they’re the ones with the right tools and knowledge to get the job done safely.

What are some common tree removal risks people have to deal with?

Damages to Power Lines

How about power lines? Working near them can be dangerous. If a tree interferes with a power line, what could happen? The person working on this project could get electrocuted. Power to the neighborhood could go “out” for an extended period of time– not good.

Improper Use of Equipment

How about the use of improper equipment? Amateurs usually have no idea what they’re doing, whereas professionals know that they need to wear protective gear from head to toe. Removing a tree typically involves several pieces of equipment, including chainsaws, ropes, cranes and wood chippers. Most homeowners don’t have all these pieces of equipment in their garage or tool shed– hence, that’s why it’s better to call a professional to remove a tree than to attempt to “do it yourself.”

Unstable Wood

How about trees that are dying or decaying? If and when a tree is decaying from the inside out, you’ve got a very unstable piece of wood you’re working with– it could collapse at any moment and hurt someone. Amateurs don’t know much about dealing with decaying or dead trees, whereas professionals do.

Finally, there’s good ol’ gravity. When a tree falls, you want gravity to place it where you want it to fall, right? But amateurs might not know how to successfully accomplish this feat. Have you heard horror stories of people attempting to cut down their own trees only to have them fall on family members, their house or power lines? Yikes!

It’s best to have trees removed by professionals. Big Foot Tree Service of Wayne, NJ, is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to get the job done– call 973-885-8000 for more info today.

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