What You Need to Know About Watering Trees

What You Need to Know About Watering Trees

One of the most basic needs of trees is water.  In order to continue to grow and flourish, every tree needs adequate water.  Everyone knows this, but it raises the questions of whether you need to water your trees and how that task is best accomplished.  This blog will answer your questions about watering trees.

It’s Important to Water Newly Planted Trees

For newly planted trees, regular watering is a necessity.  After planting, trees should be watered immediately.  This helps the tree to settle into the soil and replaces moisture lost during the planting process.  After planting, it can take several years for trees to become fully established.  Trees should be watered regularly for a few years throughout the growing season.  This is especially important during hot and dry summer weather, which can take its toll on trees and necessitate supplemental hydration.  We recommend watering newly planted trees every other day, giving them a good soaking at the drip line with a soaker hose, when the temperature is over 80 degrees.

Established Trees Do Not Usually Need Watering

While watering is vital for trees during the first two to three years after planting, it is generally unnecessary after that initial time period.  Trees that receive adequate water in the first few growing seasons will develop a healthy root system, which enables trees to withstand periods of dryness.

Be Careful to Avoid Overwatering

Watering is important, but overwatering can be disastrous.  Too much water can quickly kill a young tree.  Soil should be moist but not wet.  To determine whether you should water, check the soil at a depth of 2 inches.  If soil at that depth is moist to the touch, then you do not need to water.  On the other hand, if the soil is dry, you should water your tree.  How often a tree should be watered will vary depending on how much rainfall it is receiving.

How You Water Matters Too

Trees do not benefit from shallow watering.  In fact, shallow watering encourages shallow roots, which can be unhealthy for a tree.  A deep soaking once every few days will encourage roots to become well-established.  Watering should be done at the drip line (the ground under the outermost leaves of the tree) and just beyond.  This method best imitates natural rainfall.

Proper watering is one crucial element of tree care though it certainly isn’t the only one.  For other, more complicated tree care tasks, such as fertilizing, pruning, or treatment of infection or pests, the experts at Ping’s are ready to help.  We can even plant trees for you!  Give us a call at 317-298-8482 or schedule an appointment online.

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