Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close To Your Home

Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close To Your Home

Your home is a special place, and the right combination of shrubs, plants, and trees can bring that same feeling into your yard. A thoughtful landscape provides a beautiful, relaxing environment, but if you put the wrong thing in the wrong place, you could be dealing with a headache instead of a peaceful haven! As tree service professionals, Red’s Tree Service knows firsthand the benefits that trees can bring to a space. But it’s important to know the best – and worst – places to plant them. We can advise you on tree care, maintenance, and with spring right around the corner, we can also outline all the reasons you shouldn’t plant trees too close to your home. Keep reading below to learn more!

Leaves, twigs, and branches can build up

The Mid-South is no stranger to storms. With two severe weather seasons every year, homeowners are familiar with the heavy rain and wind gusts we get that can leave the yard covered in leaves, twigs, and even bigger branches. When trees are planted too close to your house, you may eventually experience an accumulation of twigs and leaves on your roof and in your gutters, which can cause roof or siding damage.

 Roof gutters

Spreading roots

Once you’ve narrowed down your top choices of trees to plan, take the time to research how big the trees are likely to get over time as well as how the roots will grow. In general, trees will grow between one to three times the width of its canopy, and in some cases, trees can develop roots that are twice as wide as the tree is high! Trees that have more aggressive roots, such as some maples, willows, and elms should be planted far away from foundations, water pipes, sidewalks, and septic lines.

If you don’t have adequate space for a tree to grow to its expected size, consider a smaller species, or create a different landscaping option that could work better for that particular area. A tree’s root system is complex, and if it is allowed to grow near a foundation or utility line, it can exert pressure and cause serious damage. If you plan to be in your home long-term, this is an especially important consideration. As a tree ages, roots will go deeper and spread further. If they push their way into the foundation of your home, it can cause cracks or otherwise compromise the integrity of the structure.

Although you don’t have to start cutting down trees if you’re worried about their root systems, this may be the appropriate course of action from time to time. Our expert team offers complete tree removal if needed, and we’re happy to provide a FREE quote for you.

Damage from fallen branches or trees

Having a mature tree too close to your home carries with it a number of hazardous outcomes. Wind, snow, or ice can send large branches through a window or onto your roof. Even more dangerous is the chance of a tree near your home being toppled, which has the potential to be both destructive and deadly. Some trees are also prone to weak wood, which attracts insects and increases the chance of a tree becoming ill or dying. In turn, this poses a greater risk of falling.

Soil moisture levels

Trees cause the moisture in soil to fluctuate because of the water levels that are required to keep a tree alive. This can cause significant problems if a tree is too close to your home, because as the soil contracts and expands, it puts pressure on the foundation and can eventually cause cracks or shifting.

Settling concrete

As concrete settles, it becomes more likely to crack and shift. A large root system can worsen an already impacted sidewalk or cement foundation. If significant shifting occurs, whether naturally, due to tree roots, or a combination of the two, it can cause destabilization and reduce the integrity of the home or sidewalk.

reds tree service broken tree

Choose Red’s Tree Service for all your Memphis tree needs

What if you have established trees on your property already? We offer far more than advice on where to plant new trees! From assessment to removal, we have many years of experience and are confident that we can meet the need of each customer we work with. Among these services we offer are:

Tree risk assessment

Having our team of professionals carry out a tree health and risk assessment gives us the chance to spot potential weaknesses before they have the chance to become major problems. Preventive tree care can end up saving you thousands of dollars in potential damage.

Preventative maintenance

This involves trimming, pruning and fertilizing the trees and shrubs on your property. We also clean out and remove dead wood from trees. This results in trees that not only look beautiful, but have the best chance for a long, healthy life.

Stump and root removal

Whether you had a tree break off or fall close to the ground, or have had a tree cut down, we can cover the stump and root removal. While some customers require the entire root ball and tree roots to be ground out, most just want the tree stump low enough to cover with sod or topsoil so grass can fill it in.

Deep-root fertilization

Through this process, we are able to add vital nutrients back into the soil for tree absorption, promoting vigor and health, and aiding trees that may be under stress.

When it comes to making the right decision for your home, property, and trees, Red’s Tree Service is happy to provide our expertise and insight! We are family-owned and locally operated, and have been providing quality tree services to Memphis and the Mid-South for over 40 years. Our employees have been extensively trained, and include a certified arborist to help you make the most informed choices for your trees.

To learn more about we have to offer, get in touch with us today by calling 901.424.4548, emailing us at [email protected], or by clicking here for a FREE quote.

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