Types of Pine Trees You Should Know

Types of Pine Trees You Should Know

Pine trees are widespread across the U.S. where many types are natives. But the U.S is by no means the only country where pine trees are available in quantity and in a wide variety of types. Pine trees are conifers.

Asia is home to some pine trees, such as the Chir, <i>Pinus roxburghii</i>, pine. Austria claims the Black pine, <i>Pinus nigra</i>) as one of its most important trees. A pine tree is an evergreen conifer and is labeled in the genus Pinus.

<strong><i>Pinaceae</i> Family</strong>

The pine family is called <i>Pinaceae</i>. Pinus is the only genus in the subfamily of Pinoideae. World-wide plant lists compiled by Missouri Botanical Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens, currently list 126 verified names of pines in addition to 35 unresolved species.

Pine trees are widespread ornamental landscape specimens. Many were and are used for lumber. The Eastern White Pine, Pinus strobus, is among the most common and well-known. It originates in the U.S. The White Pine is a rapid grower with a long life-span.

<strong>Other Pines Found Around the World</strong>

Aleppo Pinus,<i>Halepensis pine</i>, Found throughout the Mediterranean area, naturalized as an ornamental in California and southern Australia. Twisted, poor quality wood exists today due to over-forestation.

Lodgepole Pine, <i>Pinus contorta</i>, grows near North American oceans and in forests on dry mountains. It may also grow in bogs.

Mugo Pine, <i>Pinus mugo</i>, is a cousin to the white pine, a miniaturized version that often has a rounded shape. There are several varieties, often they are creeping shrubs.

Bristlecone pine, <i>Pinus aristata</i>, A long-lived species, including <i>Pinus longaeva</i>, among the most long-lasting forms of life on the planet. Some of the species are older than 5000 years.

Monterey pine, <i>Pinus radiata</i>, native to the West coast of the U.S. with a thick trunk and branches, it reaches heights of 80 to 100 feet. It is best suited to warmer locations.

Sugar Pine, <i>Pinus lambertiana</i>, the tallest and most spreading of the pines, with the longest cones of all the pines. Also native to Ca.

Coulter Pine, <i>Pinus coulteri</i>, A California native, growing more to the south, but growing as far north as the San Francisco bay.

Single leaf Pinyon Pine, <i>Pinus monophyla</i>. This type extends from Eastern and Southern California to Idaho and Utah. The only pine that bears a single needle in each fascicle.

Ponderosa pine, <i>Pinus ponderosa</i>, Bark turns from black to yellow with age. A large, unbroken swath of the trees rung from California, through Arizona to New Mexico. Widely distributed species
Canary Island Pine <i>Pinus canariensis</i>, Large, durable and sturdy, this pine has a parasol-like canopy. Valuable, aromatic lumber from this pine. Doesn’t grow in cold areas. A native of Spain. Call our expert tree service company to check what pine tree you have.

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